2nd Night Not As Great As The First

I had the impression that last night was going to be the better debate night but I personally do not think it went that way. In fact, there are only three names I'm interested in hearing more from after last night, versus the five names I'm interested in from the first night. 


The First Debates- Narrowing Down The Candidates

With over 20 candidates in the race, there's an awful lot of noise right now. I really enjoy watching the debates to understand how their opinions differ. But in a field this wide, this early in the race, the debate serves as a different sort of sieve for me. I'm looking for the candidate least likely to be turned into a caricature. 


Coming Back From a “Me Too Moment”: Is Joe Biden too Awkward to be President?

But we also have to understand that sexual harassment is so common, and so misunderstood, that the deeper we dig to suss it out of society, the wider the net of sexual harassment becomes. The bigger the net, the more fish we catch. The more fish we catch, the more we can be picky about what fish we clean and devour. At some point, we have to decide to let some fish back into the ocean.

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The Strange Way Love Is Becoming A Partisan Issue

As I wrote yesterday, I've been thinking about love over this holiday season. Yesterday I wanted to write about how my ideas about love have changed over time. I wanted to think about what factors in my life have influenced my ideas of love.  Today I want to get to the heart of what's really bothering me. It seems to me that love has become a partisan issue.  Since Trump won the election in 2016, I've gained a much broader understanding of how a person gets to the point in their life where they voted for Trump. But I was just as numb as everyone else when it actually happened. 

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Thoughts On Being An 11th Generation American (Genealogy and Politics)

Over the last decade, I've learned a lot about the history of my family through online genealogy databases. Every year, more and more historical documents are available online through websites like Ancestry.com. Personally, I'm too cheap to keep my subscription to Ancestry.com all the time. But I get caught up in research every now and… Continue reading Thoughts On Being An 11th Generation American (Genealogy and Politics)