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Red Pepper Pasta: Meh, Says My Family

I was very excited to make Red Pepper Pasta. I discovered butternut pasta recently, which was amazing. That lead me to avocado pasta, an instant family favorite that I'm going to be making way more than I should. With these veggie-pasta creations under my belt, I thought Red Pepper Pasta was going to be amazing! But we all say meh. We ate it and we were full, but we didn't love it. I think I could have done a better job. I had a bag with shallots in it that I ordered on Monday, but I searched high and low and could not find them anywhere. So I ended up using dried shallots, and I might have added too many.

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Newest Family Approved Recipe: Baked Pesto Chicken

Baked Pesto Chicken- This first time I made it, I used the same kind of tomatoes that Kristyn did. This time, I used some tomatoes left over from a recipe I made earlier in the week. I liked the original recipe better because these grape tomatoes were a little too sweet.  It's a super easy recipe to make. You just arrange the ingredients in your pan and bake it, no babysitting required.